Sober Muscle is more than a fitness brand. We are a fitness brand with a mission. We are a movement that is devoted to bringing awareness to breaking the chains of addiction. My name is Mitch Ashburn, a Virginia native, and Sober Muscle came about because of my specific journey to sobriety. My Brother (Mike Ashburn-Co-Owner) was a major influence while I was on my road to recovery. Collectively we have developed a brand that will change lives and impact those who are on their own journey to sobriety. Everyone’s journey is different, but the motivation, dedication, and no room for excuses are similar tactics needs to beat addiction. Fitness brought me thru to my 4th year of sobriety and continues to help me daily.


Who is the innovator? The innovator is Mitchell Ashburn hailing from Hampton, Virginia. Also known as Hampton Roads or the 757.  He now lives in southwest Virginia located in the New River Valley in the Hollins area of Roanoke. His story is one to be told, and this type of story is one who can inspire many.


Mitchell has a twin brother and twin sons; he also has an identical twin brother and an older sister. Mitchell’s brother Michael played a significant role in how Sober Muscle has come to be. His parents passed away when he was four. Their lives were taken at an incredibly young age due to drug addiction. This left Mitchell & Michael to become wards of the court. Thankfully, their grandparents saved the day and afforded them a wonderful life. 


April 3, 2021 will be year four in recovery for Mitchell & he would like to dedicate the better part of his life to helping others. The road to recovery can be challenging, you can be confronted with a million obstacles. Mitchell believes in a NO EXCUSES policy in all things, stay strong and take the path untraveled. Sober Muscle is for everyone and we need your help to spread the message.


Joshua B.


“I'm 80 days sober and my life has never been better.”